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We all know too well how important good nutrition is to optimal health. And everyone wants to be healthy and look their best.

But in an era of plenty where every food imaginable is readily available from supermarkets' shelves and information on healthy eating at reach from the touch of a keyboard, we can't help but feel somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the often contradictory messages we are bombarded with, which can make it difficult to take the best step forward to a healthy diet and lifestyle, let alone to stay in the peak of good health.

We can't ignore the fact that obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to name few are on the rise. So it seems that we are not a healthy nation after all. Bottom line is that our bodies seem to have found their ways to tell us that the food we currently eat is not meeting our nutritional needs to support optimal health. And as much as it is tempting to believe so, we are also wise enough to know that fad diets and quick fixes are not the answer to the problem since they do not support optimal health in the long run. So, what are we left with?

'We are what we eat'

We are indeed what we eat and maybe it's time for us to change the way we look at food, time to be kinder to our bodies and restore the relationship between what we eat and what our bodies actually need - in terms of quality, quantity and how we eat it. Nutritional therapy provides the knowledge that can help us make that measurable step forward.

Working on the principle that good health is more than the absence of health complaints, nutritional therapy aims at supporting individuals maximise their health potential and wellbeing, and where appropriate, support existing conditions through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Embracing nutritional therapy is not about going on yet 'another diet'. Nor it is about jeopardising taste, flavour and pleasure. Nutritional therapy is about making beneficial lifetime adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to promote and maintain an optimum state of health, vitality and emotional wellbeing.

And whilst we reconsider our food choices and make active decisions to provide our body with the tools it requires to keep healthy and perform at its best, let's make sure to enjoy at the same time new food experiences and taste sensations along the way!

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