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Your Consultation

Prior to your first consultation, you will receive a comprehensive health and dietary questionnaire to complete and return ahead of your appointment.

It includes questions regarding the main reason motivating your consultation, your health history and current health picture as well as your dietary habits and personal lifestyle so as to help gain a better understanding of what defines you as a unique individual, what your current health concerns are and to prepare for your consultation.

Your initial consultation

Your initial consultation which usually lasts 1¼ hour, will give the opportunity to further review any aspects pertaining to your health, dietary habits and lifestyle, including establishing the possible underlying causes of your present condition or motivation for health improvement. With your personal goals in mind, the required changes will be discussed and a personalised wellness plan agreed as the foundation to build on to optimise your health. Although the emphasis of your plan will be on dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements may be recommended where appropriate. Both your nutritional programme and supplement plan will be subject to changes over time depending on your progress and any changes in your condition.

Functional tests may also be suggested to help gain a better insight into the root cause of your symptoms. Their rationale will be fully explained and they will only be arranged upon your agreement.

Your follow-up consultation

Your follow-up consultation will generally take place 4 to 6 weeks after your first consultation and usually last 45 minutes. This will be the opportunity to discuss your progress, review the evolution of your condition in response to your wellness plan, go over any challenge you might have encountered and consider any further adjustments to your plan where appropriate.

Should any tests have been performed, the follow-up consultation will also give the opportunity to discuss your results and the implication these information can have on your initial wellness plan.

Subsequent consultations might be required and depend entirely on individual situation, how you respond to your wellness plan, your health issues, commitment to your programme and your personal health end goals.

If you have any questions in between consultations or require any advice, Isabelle is available over the phone or via email and will contact you as soon as possible.

Consultation Fees

Initial consultation: £70
Follow-up consultation: £45

Contact Us

Should you be interested in knowing more about how NutriVie can help you or want to book a consultation, please go to the contact page or call 07775 425 326.

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